September 28, 2011

Young Lives

All moms know that parenting is the toughest and most important job in the world.  Most would also agree that no matter how prepared you are, whether you read all the What To Expect Books or bought every sleeping / colic / breastfeeding gadget out there, being a Mom is often challenging.  Now think about navigating motherhood as a teenager amidst all that teenage life entails.  Difficult doesn't begin to describe the life of a Teen Mom.  An exciting group is forming in New Braunfels, called YoungLives that is all about supporting and encouraging Teen Moms.

YoungLives is a ministry of Young Life especially for teen moms and their babies. Through traditional Young Life activities like club, camp and Campaigners, YoungLives mentors come alongside young women in a way we believe Jesus would do: with compassion, support and hope.

MentorsYoungLives teams up with mature Christian women to provide teen girls with timely encouragement, guidance and ongoing support. These caring women model Jesus Christ’s love by investing time and walking alongside them through their life situations.
YoungLives Camp
Teen moms can attend a YoungLives camp with their children at one of Young Life’s camps. Set in beautiful surroundings and packed with adventure, young moms are given the opportunity to experience all the fun their peers do. From the pool and zip line to the ropes course and the pamper pole, there is no shortage of excitement. During camp, the young women get a break from their everyday schedules — thanks to childcare volunteers who look after their children. Teen moms get the chance to relax, play and learn about God and His plan for their lives.
YoungLives Club and Other Activities
While teen moms are welcome at any Young Life activity, YoungLives is specifically tailored for them. Once a month, YoungLives club provides a place for teen moms to come together to have fun, build friendships and hear a message about real life and God’s love. Food, activities, music and childcare are a part of every club meeting.
Want to get involved?

If you have a passion for helping teen moms and the next generation, you can be involved with YoungLives in a variety of ways. We invite you to serve as a:

Mentor - Would you like to model Jesus Christ’s love by serving as a young girl’s friend and mentor? We’ll connect you with a teen looking for spiritual guidance, parenting tips and practical advice for daily living.
Committee Member - Maybe your strengths are more along the lines of vision-casting and administration. You can help develop the plans and polices that will enable the ministry to run effectively and grow.
Club Leader - Are you willing to get “silly” for the sake of the Gospel? Once a month, young moms and mentors get together for club and dinner. Leaders plan fun activities and help create a non-judgmental environment where girls can have fun and explore their faith.
Prayer Partner - Dedicated prayer partners are needed to help YoungLives pray for the direction of the ministry.
Donor - All YoungLives services are free to teen moms, so we depend on donor gifts to keep the ministry running. Your commitment as a financial supporter will guarantee countless young moms receive the support and guidance they need.

For more information contact:
Cari Leach


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