October 2, 2011

The Neigborhood Gourmet

I am by no means a food critic, just a mom who wants good food at a good value. Have you heard of the Neighborhood Gourmet? When I first heard of Chef Marcien it was like being privvy to a well-guarded secret. That was several years ago now so with the blessing of Chef Marcien I'm so excited to share this treasure with moms here in New Braunfels. Marcien, together with the help of his family, puts together mouth-watering meals like the one below each Monday-Friday and even sometimes on holidays. The story of how this family came to live in New Braunfels is by itself, inspirational.

Dear New Customers:
Chef Marcien When I first started The Neighborhood Gourmet, all of my customers were friends and neighbors. Now, as my business is expanding, I do not know everyone as well and realize many of you do not know me or my background.
I was born and raised in Burundi, in Central Africa. For cooking, I mostly have been self-taught. I served as the head chef at the American Embassy in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. I served under seven different U.S. Ambassadors, including Bob Krueger, who as you may know, is from New Braunfels.
While in Burundi, I had the privilege to cook for both Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter during their African visits. Because of violent turmoil in Burundi, sadly I had to leave in 1996.
My wife Pascasie and I, with six of our ten children, spent about 3 years in Botswana, and then in December of 1999 moved to New Braunfels as political refugees. Happily, we love our new home and our new community.
In 2005 I proudly became a U.S. Citizen, as have many of my children. I am excited about The Neighborhood Gourmet and the opportunity to provide a variety of healthy, home-cooked meals for my new friends in New Braunfels.
Thank you for your support and friendship.
Chef Marcien Rusuriye

I think pictures speak a thousand words and this one really speaks for itself! Trust me, I'm not one who usually takes photos of food (this one was taken back in 2010) but I was in awe of the goodness and large portions that came with this meal. And by the way, this is only a serving for 2!
The menu usually has either 4 or 5 choices per day. You choose 1 main item and then 2 side dishes. Here is an example of the meals you can find on a particular day.

1. Chicken Cordon Blue
2. Beef Stroganoff
3. Crusted Salmon with Herbed and Red Belle Pepper Mayo
4. Grilled Beef Loin Strip /Mushrooms Sauce
5. Chicken and Grapes Nuts Salad
6. Roasted Herbs Pork Loin with Mustard Cream Sauce 
Side dishes :noodles ,rice pilaf ,mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, steamed broccoli,carrots  

If you're a mom who is looking for a new meal option that doesn't include driving through your local fast food franchise, someone who wants a quality, home-cooked meal at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Chef Marcien!
For all the detailed information on how to order, pricing and to see the most recent menu for the week, visit his website at


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