October 8, 2011

Funky Fair Winner

By: Lisa Johnson

I hope everyone had a fabulous time with the Funky Fair Pics contest. I am always pleased when I can find a free tool to create cool picture effects (filters, frames, etc...). Many moms used Picnik and were not as familiar with the other tools so this was a fun time to play with new photo-editing tools.

It was very hard to choose a winner so I decided my best course of action (and the "fairest") was to write everyone's name on a sheet of paper, put it in a hat, and draw a winner. So without further ado... with drumroll please... our winner is...

... "Evie Parade" created with BeFunky.com and submitted by Amy Merritt.

I have created a slideshow using iPhoto to showcase all of the fabulous and funky entries. If you have a Mac and are not using iPhoto, totally check it out! It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble this slide show, export it to iTunes, and upload it to the blog. (If you don't have a Mac, stay tuned for upcoming posts which will feature free tools to create animated photo slideshows similar to this one.)

I would also like to share my three favorites:

Being Cowboys: Perhaps I am biased as I have two little boys but something about this picture just stood out to me. The boys are absolutely adorable as is the backdrop. Love the frame and color too! (submitted by Kristina Hanney)

Surfin' at the Fair: This pic is just totally vibrant and the perspective is right on. Cowabunga! (submitted by Kristin Rush)


Here Piggy Piggy: The filter and the cropped edges took me back to some of my mom's 4H pics and I just think there is something so beautiful and timeless about those images. (also submitted by Kristin Rush)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post involving Flat Stanley NB!


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